Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Would you read about Lymphedema?

Why would you want to read a short book about Lymphedema?  Certainly, it will help you to understand a rather unknown chronic condition, the one that keeps the compression garments on my arm.  It may also open your eyes to the impact of chronic conditions have in a person's life.  The challenges of altering your lifestyle to be more healthy are discussed too.  There is a segment that I call the Weight of the Weight, where weight loss is necessary and is achieved and is maintained. 
So that may be why you want to read this book.  It's ready.   
Liz's Lymphedema Logbook is now available in PDF form.  You can receive your PDF file by sending an email to Liz's Lymphedema Logbook.  The PDF file that you will receive via return email is printable and sharable and FREE.  Enjoy. 
The information contained in my manuscript is not intended to replace medical advice, nor is there an implied guarantee of improvement of any nature.  If that link isn't up the email address is lymphedemalogbook@gmail.com

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