Monday, June 20, 2016

Bonus Chapter - Getting Back On Track

I don’t know how many times I reached for this tip sheet  because it was very valuable information.
A setback does not mean that you’ve failed; it just means that you need to start again – immediately.
Learn how to reclaim your routine.
1.     Don’t expect to start where you left off.
2.     Evaluate your current position and set goals accordingly.
3.     Come back to the right frame of mind.  Try to keep confidence in yourself when you relapse.  Instead of expending energy on feeling guilty and defeated, focus on what it will take to get you started again. 
a.      Imagine yourself back on track.  Recall the aspects of your past successes that you enjoy most.
b.     Come up with a tantalizing reward to give yourself when you meet your first goal after resuming your program.
c.      Partner up.
d.     Divide the overwhelming aspects of your goals into smaller chunks and give yourself the option of stopping at the end of each one.  However, when you reach the checkpoint, encourage yourself to move on to the next one rather than quitting.
e.      Rather than focusing on why this is difficult, concentrate on how good you’ll feel when you get back on track. 
Reclaim your physical and emotional health. 

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