Monday, February 13, 2017

Chapter 23 - My Envisioned Life & In Conclusion

My Envisioned Life

My goals had certain key factors.  I would lose the weight and kept it off- a critical lymphedema management strategy.  I would do this by living without disordered eating.  I would have adopted other habits that kept my health at optimum level, such as the daily walks, physio and weight routines, lymphatic self-massage etc.  I would enjoy my life and I would be happy. 
Done and done.  It has been eight years now and the test of time shows my success.
My attitudes towards food are in a healthy zone.  I have little quirks and mini-binges and there are certain things that will throw me but I would be willing to have all my eating observed; it is that close to normal.  Overall, the goal of lessening the frequency and intensity of disordered eating episodes has been reached. 
There were a couple of times that I seemed to be in trouble with my weight, but I went back to my notes and coached myself back on track. 
I have learned that slips and slides are not reasons or excuses to quit.  They are just part of life. \
In Conclusion

I think of my lymphedema as part of me, like the size of my feet or my age.  It is what it is.  There are times when I need to discuss my lymphedema and the issues around it.  Often my education about lymphedema is more complete than the people, including medical professionals, in the room.  I own that.  I feel satisfaction in that.  I have faced this challenge and became an active self-manager of my lymphedema, and that is another cornerstone of my self-esteem.
Most people are dealing with something, whether I know it or not.  I try to be sensitive to the burden of others. I try to inform others about the impact of their curiosity based questions.  Many times I feel that I lead by example.  If I can manage to be happy and healthy despite lymphedema, perhaps someone takes heart from that and finds positivity and courage to face their own challenges.   

“We are here, I believe, to encourage others as we live the best life we can.” 

We are here, I believe, to encourage others as we live the best life we can. 


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