Monday, February 13, 2017

Chapter 10 - One Easy Thing



One Easy Thing 


As I went through my lymphedema as a new thing year, I had to learn quite a few new things.  I certainly had those days when my rebellion was fully bloomed.  I simply didn’t want to change.  I had days and weeks where my old habits lead me astray and my will-power deflated. 

My self-confidence was pretty weak, but the thing that helped was the ‘one easy thing’.  If I could see one simply, tiny step in the right direction, I would try to do that.  If I did it, I gave myself heaps of praise.  I remember thinking that every big change that I attempted could be broken down into tiny easy steps.  All I had to do was do those ‘easy’ things. My job was to make each step doable, somehow, some way. 

The self-praise seemed a little silly but I told myself that I have managed a step (albeit small) and I could feel good about this.  I found as I focused on my mini-success I was encouraged.  This worked so much better than adding up all the ways this was hard, and all the challenges that lay ahead and how unlikely I was to succeed.  Simply put, this exercise of self-praise framed my actions in a positive light. 

So many times the way to move forward was not a bigger whip, but the gentle knowledge that the best I could do was keep on.

I also kept as my philosophy that to keep on doing the same thing and expect different results is insanity.  So I would try different things until I found the thing or things that worked.  It is not essential that you know the right action.  I experimented (especially in regards to challenging my eating disorders).  Simply put, I was building self-trust. 



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