Monday, February 13, 2017

Chapter 8 - Notes From the Left Hand



Notes from the Left Hand.


“Learning to write with my left hand seemed to be answer when my right hand was out of commission.”

One thing about writing with my non-dominant hand, I didn’t waste words.  Here are some left-handed notes from an early action plan book.  

        Monitor progress

        Action plan for successful alternatives

        Problem solve around failures

        Build on success

        Practice assertive interactions

        Remember that pain is neutral   

        Support my healthy lifestyle

        Practice active relaxation

I have another note that is dated three and a half years after my lymphedema started.  It is fairly readable, written left handed and it was interesting to me as how it ties into the progress I had made to that point and what goals I had.  It tells me that the action plan concept was still being used long after I was first introduced to it. 

What I want to accomplish

        An interesting life

        A healthy arm life

        An overall sense of wellbeing

        Specifically satisfaction of each day’s activities to the breaking of habits that neither produce something nor relax the mind

        Keeping sane & real & true to myself

There were more things that I learnt to do with my left hand than just write. I learnt to deal cards with my left hand and left hand only.  We play a lot of cards and I couldn’t bear having someone shuffling and dealing for me. 

The other thing that I learnt to do left-handedly was to shoot my pistols, rifle and shotgun.  The process there was to break each action down into left-handed steps and again practice.  It became habit and ‘natural’ to do.  The reward was that I was able to rejoin the Cowboy Action Shooters who are an awesome bunch that I had sorely missed ‘playing’ with.  I share more of this in the segment – Being Well Physically. 

I can only assume that I could have trained myself to do other things left-handed and well if I had to.  However, as time passed, I gained right hand health and was able to resume right hand activities - always with moderation.  For the longest time, I switched between hands to maintain function and also for pain management.



“Every intersection in the road of life is an opportunity for a healthy decision.  Change is possible.”







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