Monday, February 13, 2017

Chapter 9 - On the Hunt for Resources


On the Hunt for Resources.



I’m a voracious reader and I certainly found resources specific to lymphedema. 

There are some very good books on lymphedema out there.  There is Canada’s Lymphedema Magazine, Pathways.  There are provincial associations, accessible via the Internet, and there is the Canadian Lymphedema Framework – - an excellent source of information. 

I also developed an attitude of borrowing tips and tricks.  Lymphedema is a chronic condition, so information aimed at anyone with chronic conditions could apply to me.  I became a vacuum cleaner for tips.  I read about healthy eating, personal motivation, overcoming adversity, positive thinking, problem solving, habit forming, optimism, and relaxation.  I’ve been inspired by those around me, people with normal eating habits, people who live well despite their challenges, as well as people who achieve great things.   

I’m looking at the pile of resources I gathered and I’m thinking of what I want to share with you.  Then I realize that a lymphedema patient really needs to make a personal decision about how much information they want or need. 

I need information to aid me with some objectives. 

I do not want to aggravate my lymphedema conditions, so I need information to assess the suggestions that come my way.  And I want to be conscious to recognize potential areas of concern.  These concerns have included air travel, car travel, heat, alcohol consumption, saunas, electrolysis hair removal, tattoos, medical procedures and activity and clothing choices. 

I don’t have to know the answers.  I just have to know that I need the answers.  I’ve written about the questions that I needed answers to.  My advice is that you need to own your journey.  I encourage you to seek your own answers, to assess the information prudently and to design your life to be a healthy one.  The diagnosis of lymphedema gives you very real motivation.


“Look for role models.  Discover good sources of information.  Managing lymphedema is a learning experience and teachers are needed.”

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