Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Liz's Lymphedema Logbook Introduction Chapter 1





Some things come to you with the force of a mission.  So it was that I was inspired to write Liz’s Lymphedema Logbook.  I didn’t expect to be doing this.  I had made my decision in 2007 that I wouldn’t write about my journey through breast cancer, the treatments and beyond.  FYI Breast cancer treatments, specifically surgery and radiation, are risk factors in the development of lymphedema.

And yet…

One day, I got a call from a beloved Aunt.  She had just learnt she has lymphedema and she turned to me.  I would be able to give her guidance.  I, in her mind, was an expert.  I’ll give her one thing; I’ve been in her shoes.  However, I wasn’t there any longer.  Oh, don’t leap to the conclusion that I no longer have lymphedema because I do.  Lymphedema is a chronic condition. In my mind chronic meant severe, or serious, but it actually means forever.

Within her bit of flattery was a truth.  I had been diagnosed with lymphedema in 2008, and at that time became motivated to change my life. 

“I became an active self-manager and my lymphedema responded favorably.  I was fortunate, but I worked at it.”

The second indicator, that this was my book to write, came in the form of a casual book loan.  I had happened on the subject of ‘blogging a book’ and I was freshly inspired by the words inside.  I had spent a few days considering potential non-fiction subjects when my Aunt called.  It was at that moment that I knew I would write about my journey with lymphedema.  See what I mean about my lymphedema logbook being an ‘inspired’ choice.

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